Does leadership really only concern so-called managers? Or does the call for more authenticity, sustainability, determination and empathy actually apply to all people who do business, are involved, make a contribution and move things forward?

What does this mean for you as a person in a position of responsibility? Can you "lead yourself"? Can and do you want to lead others? What about "allowing yourself be led"? How confident and eloquent are you in these areas?

With my expertise as a leadership consultant, trainer and sparring partner, I invite you to ask these questions, to become clearer about such terms as meaningfulness, values, stance and performance as well as to discover and deepen your interpersonal competencies.

Based on many years of my own leadership experience, using the Existential Approach and my expertise in Lean Context I am able to challenge, guide and advise – regardless of the type of industry and size of organisation you find yourself in. Contact

Change consultancy

Continuous and fast change determines our lives. At the break-neck speed of the digital age it is a particular challenge to take account of and distinguish between routine and complicated or complex processes. Managing organisational change sustainably requires a high degree of both resilience and agility in the people, processes and technology involved.

With my expertise as a process consultant I support change management in medium-sized and family-owned companies with a focus on communication and leadership.

If you would like to enrich your business by consulting a healthy external view, please do get in touch. Contact

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